Should I Become a Micro-Sponsor?

If you don’t have a lot of time, the short answer to the above is yes! You should absolutely consider supporting WordCamp Orlando by becoming a micro-sponsor. If you don’t know what this entails, here’s the lowdown:

What is a Micro-Sponsor?

Micro-sponsors are those that want to be involved in funding WordCamp Orlando, but are not businesses or can’t make the commitment for a full sponsorship. While we’ve got varying levels available, this is a bit easier for most people to manage.

Micro-sponsors are still paying for a ticket to attend WordCamp, but are paying $100 for their ticket instead of $40. Yes, this is totally based on the goodwill of the community and those who can afford to contribute a small amount to help us succeed.

What are the Perks?

We’ve got a few fun games and competitions going on at WordCamp this year. The theme is camping, so expect a special tent for the sponsors with extra goodies. We’re also going to have a place on the site to promote the micro-sponsors, separate of the attendee section. That means you can get a blurb of what you do on the site for all visitors to see.

We also want to reward you guys with some extra perks. We’re talking things like a skip-the-line for lunch, a row of seats at the front of each auditorium reserved (remember standing room for dev track last year?) and some power strip access for those seats.

Additionally, we’re going to be sending out social media updates on all of our sponsors, and that includes you! Whatever information that you give us when purchasing tickets will be used in our promotional updates. Plus, you’ll have your spot at the event guaranteed. We sold out last year, and expect to do the same this year at an even larger event.

Why Else Would I do This?

We’re only making a limited number of these tickets available, because we want it to be a special badge of honor (and probably a physical badge as well :D). This is not to try to convince people to give us extra money. This is giving people who are invested into the WordPress community a chance to easily invest in us as well. We already plan to have a contributor event on Sunday, and I consider this an extension of that. Help us give back to the community that has given us so much!

How Can I Help?

Micro-Sponsor tickets will go on sale Wednesday, 11 September. The total cost will be $100 per ticket, which includes a full weekend pass to WordCamp Orlando 2013. The form to purchase tickets will include fields to share a short blurb that you want us to use in promotions. Tickets can be purchased here.

Now Accepting Early Speaker Submissions

Our event dates for WordCamp Orlando have been officially confirmed as the 16th-17th of November and there are some that wish to submit speaker submission requests as soon as possible. These are usually fairly sure they will attend WordCamp Orlando – either they come every year, or they live close to the area. In either case, we are opening up speaker submissions now. Once dates are confirmed, we will send out a notice to everyone who submitted a proposal.

All the information you need to know – including the link to submit a speaker proposal – is located here.

We welcome back anyone who has attended and spoken at WordCamp Orlando in the past – repeat speakers welcome! On the other hand, we are looking especially for those who might not have spoken at WordCamp Orlando before – or perhaps those wanting to make WordCamp Miami their first speaking conference!

We are looking for unique and interesting topics that beginners, advanced users, or both would be interested in (and that relate to WordPress in some way – read this page).

When submitting proposals, please assume at this time you will have 30 minutes for your session, plus some brief time to answer questions. Also assume your talk will be recorded, so you will have to sign a media release before giving your presentation.

At this time, deadline for speaker submissions in September 7th, 2013.

Update: We have closed comments here because we want people submitting proposals via our official form rather than anything official in the comments section. Thanks!